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HT OMEGA Claro Halo PCI Sound Card

Internal Sound Cards

CMI8788/PCI Oxygen HD Audio Processor
Built in 120db TI headphone amp supports up to 600ohm with selectable impedance levels
24-bit/192kHz AK4396VF DAC; 24-bit/192kHz AK5385BVF ADC line in
S/PDIF optical 5.1ch input/output; onboard CD digital in, coaxial in/out requires 2pin (CA1) cable
Front panel audio support with auto mute feature: 10 pin (AC97 compatible)

Hardware InterfacePCI, Headphone
Hardware PlatformHeadphones
Surround Sound Channel Configuration5.1
Maximum Sample Rate192 KHz
ASUS Strix RAID DLX 7.1 PCIe Gaming Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp (600ohm) & Audiophile-Grade DAC and 124dB SNR
Sedna – SE-PCIE-SC-10 PCIe 7.1 Channel Sound Card (CM8828 + CM9882A) with SPDIF Bracket